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How it Started 01

How it Started

We started as CoderDojo in 2016.

It was during a trip to the Edinburgh Science Festival in early 2016 that I saw first hand some of the great projects that were happening for kids in the local area. I spoke to several of the volunteers to find out what organisations were involved in putting together the lessons and providing resources. When I came back to Inverness I assumed it would be a simple process to get in touch with the local organisers but I soon found the closest organiser, though very helpful, was in Stirling.

Getting Support 02

Getting Support

We are part of a community of volunteers, organisations and enthusiasts

We got in touch with a number of local organisations including Skills Development Scotland, CoderDojo Scotland, Inverness College and the UHI STEM Hub amongst others. They have all contributed to help us get to where we are today.

While we are fantastically lucky to have the ongoing support of UHI STEM Hub who host us, without the amazing enthusiasm and energy of our mentors it simply would not be possible to offer these sessions.

Our Ethos 03

Our Ethos

Self led learning

At Code Club young people are encouraged to explore coding, computer programming and technology through applying these to their interests. They are encouraged to develop lifelong competencies and passion for learning. They think about their own hobbies, pastimes, and interests and then use technology to reflect these. We the young people to direct their learning through choosing what they want to learn. Want to develop websites, apps, games, Minecraft modifications? Sure thing!

Non curriculum based 04

Non curriculum based

Learning through project work is a different approach to following a curriculum

Young people are not forced to follow a set learning path. They are introduced to explore concepts in programming and are then encouraged to experiment further through their own individual projects. Young people set their own goals, with help from mentors; they are not forced to follow a prescribed path. Some young people will be happy to stay working in Scratch for a year, others won’t. Individual paths and journeys evolve and this is a good thing.


Code Inverness is affiliated with a number of partners that provide help and support in numerous ways, including:

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If you would like to support us to do more please get in touch, become a mentor or make a donation, thank you.