Join us for Code Inverness Hackathon!

We are delighted to bring you our first Hackathon event.  This Saturday, February 3rd from 1000 until 1600 we will be coding and having fun!  The event will take place at the Skills Development Scotland office across from the town hall.

As we mentioned at the last Code Club we need to complete our entry for Astro Pi: Life on Earth.  We want to build a program that will take and analyse images of Earth from aboard the International Space Station.  This will be a real project that will really stretch your abilities but you will be supported by the Mentors the whole way through!  Find out more about Astro Pi here.

There may be some press on the day and we will be live tweeting and ‘gramming our way through the day so pictures will be a part on keeping the world updated on our progress.

This event is open to all kids who attend the Raspberry Jam, if you are interested in attending please email us.

Getting Started with the Sense Hat

Before the event it would be good to get an understanding of the Sense Hat.  This is the piece of equipment we will be using to run our code, it has a ton of cool features!