What is the one rule of Code Club?

Be cool!  That goes for the children, mentors and the parents.  We are all here to have fun and try our best to learn.

Is Code Club suitable for my child?

Easiest way to find out is to give it a try. All sessions are free and are staffed by mentors. Parents who help the us to run, who don’t need to be programmers, can make a huge difference to how successful a session is.

What age range is Code Club for?

We do not tend to think about the age of the child so much, if they can read they can code!  Speak to a mentor at one of our sessions if you have any concerns.

Do you teach a set course, and when does the next course start?

We run in such a way that children can join in at any stage. The structure is designed so that children can learn whether they are completely new or already know quite a lot. Occasionally we experiment with running a series of dojos that progress. We are encouraging those dojos to say ‘2 of 3’ on the ticket booking form so that parents know where in the cycle the dojo is. It may be perfectly OK to join in part way through even so. Many dojos have a mailing list where announcements about dojo dates are made. Look at the ticket booking page and look at past events to see how often a particular dojo is running.

Does my child need to already know code?

No. We have space for complete beginners and for children who already know a lot. Part of the idea of Code Club is that children learn how to teach themselves, by having ideas, trying things on the computer, using online resources and by teaching each other, with mentors there to help that happen. There should be mentors there who have a lot of programming experience. Often that is not needed, because other children around can help them get started.

What does my child already need to know?

It’s good, but not necessary, for the child to already know a bit about using a computer e.g. to surf the internet or write an e-mail.

What do I need to bring?

Your enthusiasm please and possible a snack and drink of water. All equipment is provided.

I don’t know anything about Computers. Can I help?

Yes. There are many aspects of running a dojo. The more parents help with making the dojo work well, the more time mentors have for mentoring.