Raspberry Jam: Astro Pi

One of the main extra-curricular activities this year is Astro Pi, a competition that will allow us to run experiments on the International Space Station!  We have been given two Raspberry Pi Sense Hats to practice and develop our code on and this page will act as a collection of information and lessons for you to access outside of Code Club meetings on Tuesdays.

Let our favourite Astronaut explain more…

Getting Started

If you are interested in participating in this project it will run along-side the Code Club lessons and there will be quite a bit expected of you to do at home!  You can get started by learning about the Sense Hat and it’s functions here.

If that get’s your interest you read on!

What is our experiment idea?
I have been looking at the importance of the oceans and marine eco systems in our lessons. We would like to use Izzy module (a camera that points from the ISS towards Earth) to allow us to capture data in the same way as ‘real’ scientists.

We need to study ways in which we could recognise large bodies of water through the camera and then what manipulations can be done in order to gain useful data.

How will you use the Astro Pi to perform your experiment?
We will use the attached HD camera and an image processing package to take, analyse and delete images. At the moment we need to spend longer discussing the type of data we would like to capture before we could program a suitable algorithm.

Check out GitHub code Go to Astro Pi Course